An Overview

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. — John F. Kennedy

So, to be a leader in a highly creative business, one must study, and the same is true for home décor, which is an artwork of mind space that reflects the client’s needs. GrahSajja, which was founded in 2007, is an outstanding interior design firm that had a rich experience in home décor for the past 15 years. Throughout the years, we have taken satisfaction in always putting our clients first by emphasizing their lifestyle requirements.

Meet Our Founder

What began in 1992 as a modest, one-man initiative has grown into an indisputable signature in luxury house decor. Gurucharan, the creative visionary behind the eponymous brand GrahSajja, strove to restore dignity in art and textile creation. He accomplished this by bringing specific details closer to people’s most valuable property — their Homes.

Over the course of over a decade, the brand has captivated the market with its contemporary interpretations of age-old artisan processes. The company’s design and production division continue to supply major stores worldwide.

By providing complete home decor resources and solutions, GrahSajja by Gurucharan is consistently lifting the bar for its retail business. The restoration of age-old Indian needlework with cross-culturally inspired accents is at the centre of this endeavour, as a method of engaging a growing consumer base seeking multiple inspirations.

Our textiles and linen offering has expanded to encompass furnishing and décor collectables, thanks to design breakthroughs grounded in tradition. Collaborations with like-minded firms who share GrahSajja’s attention to detail and appreciation for the handmade spirit are another endeavour.

GrahSajja’s Bed and Bath Linen, furnishing decor, blankets, quilts, dohar and other fabrics are presently available at our Bhopal outlet.

“Style and decor your home with GrahSajja; soft furnishings, home linen, textiles, and décor accessories with global modern aesthetics founded and inspired by India’s rich handcrafted legacy.”

Feel the taste of aesthetic

Change is something we believe in. While embracing traditional values and beliefs, our team knows the best to blend them with the classy and modern 21st-century design concepts to offer your home a fresh new appeal. We believe in providing honest service, and our designers work hard to satisfy and live up to every customer’s expectations.

We have followed the comprehensive company-client-coordination [ccc] structure for the finest interiors decor to make our customers happy and content on our way. We have also obtained the quality satisfaction certificate for the customer’s complete peace of mind in order to make our work more effective and constructive to our clients. The pattern of our work is completely fabricated for client comfort that is according to our client’s wishes and needs whether it is financial, technical, or social. GrahSajja has established itself as one of the leading interior design and complete home decor solution firms in Madhya Pradesh, particularly in Bhopal, throughout the years.

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Our Vision...

Our aim is to offer our customers high-quality sleep and a modern lifestyle at an affordable budget. This concept is broadly supported by our reasonable variety of high-quality mattresses and even our complete home decor solutions that meet and exceed industry standards, responding to the ever-changing demands of the smart customer. We believe to be open and honest about our product specs while also being devoted to helping our clients at the same time.